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Warranty Terms

1. When filing warranty claims, customers must submit the original invoice or receipt issued by the dealer or a corresponding proof of purchase.

2. epi24 GmbH is free to decide whether the device or only the defective part will be repaired or exchanged. All other claims are excluded.

3. Warranty repairs must be carried out by authorized epi24 GmbH service partners. Repairs carried out by other dealers are not eligible for reimbursement and any repairs and damage caused to the equipment are not covered by this warranty.

4. Excluded from the warranty are:

a) repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear;

b) costs to transport the device to/from the repair shop;

c) misuse, incorrect use, or improper use of the device;

d) damage caused by lightning, water, fire, force majeure, incorrect mains voltage, or other causes not attributable to epi24 GmbH.

5. This warranty is product-related and may be claimed by any person who has legally purchased the device within the warranty period.

6. The buyer's rights under applicable national legislation, i.e. the buyer's rights against the seller as well as other rights derived from the purchase contract are not affected by this warranty. Unless otherwise stipulated by local legislation, the buyer's claims are limited to the items specified in this warranty.

For the warranty period for your device, please refer to the imprint on the product packaging. In general, the warranty period is 2 years.

For further information please contact our womanizer hotline

by calling +49 (0) 30 95999 3810 (*€0.20/call from a German landline and a maximum of €0.60/ call from a German mobile; different rates apply to calls from abroad)

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