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We at Womanizer know quality comes first. That's why all toys undergo testing and checks before they arrive at your door.
In fact, we take your pleasure so seriously that we even offer a 5-year warranty.
Already bought your toy? No problem, you can use this warranty for your tried and true toys, as well as your newbies.


Womanizer strives for exceptional products, made from highest quality.
All toys are checked according highest standards.


Once each Womanizer is ready, our team from Quality
Management verify the key functions of our toys, including:

  • Air massage intensity
  • Air pressure and stability
  • Durability checks (mechanical function, drop tests,
    button usage and water resistance)
Body Safety

Next up, our team ensures our toy is ready
for close contact with you.

Each toy is checked thoroughly by internal and external
labs, so that all materials and the toy itself is
guaranteed to be 100% safe to enjoy.

Hygiene Control

Your toy is now ready to make its way to
you. Before it leaves us, we make sure
each Womanizer is hygienically and
securely sealed so that it will
arrive germfree and ready to play!

Designed for you

Our products are tailor-made for you and are
manufactured with the highest manufacturing standards.

  • Premium Quality
    All products include our 5-year warranty, so that you can be assured of their quality.
  • Body safe
    All products are made from body-safe materials – free from phthalates, BPA and latex.
  • Customer Service
    In case your toy has any issues and doesn't meet our high standards, we promise to replace it.
5-year warranty Saved My Me-Time!
Need to know more about our 5-year warranty? Find out from Ella just how easy it was...

"After a mind-blowing introduction, I was shocked one day to find my Premium just wouldn't switch on. I turned the Smart Silence feature on and off, but still no hint of those exciting rumbles.

I headed online and filled out the contact form, and just a few hours later I heard back from the Womanizer team. They talked me through the issue and within a few days, a replacement toy was on my doorstep. Me-time was back on the schedule!"

Womanizer not working? Now's the time to investigate!

​Let Brenda help you cover the basics:​

​First up, in case your toy has Smart Silence, make sure your toy is in contact with your skin once you have switched it on.​

​Still not sure? Check that your toy is charged by looking at the LED battery indicator. A blinking light means you might need to recharge!​

​Problem solved? Great, now all you need to do is lie back and enjoy!​

Something not quite right?

If you have any questions or discover any issues with your Womanizer, we are always happy to help.

Please fill out the contact form below, so that we can have your toy back in action without delay!


WOW TECH USA LTD. (“WOW”) based at 103 FOULK ROAD, SUITE 202, WILMINGTON, DE 19803 offers a 5-year warranty on all rechargeable and battery-powered items purchased through WOW directly or any Authorized Re-Seller. In countries mandating a longer warranty time, WOW extends the warranty appropriately. Unauthorized dealers include retailers on Amazon and eBay other than WOW Tech.

Please note that due to the nature of our products, claims are valid to cover working parts that affect the function of the pleasure object. It does NOT cover cosmetic deterioration caused by fair wear and tear or damage caused by accident, misuse or neglect. Any attempt to open or take apart the pleasure object (or its accessories) will void the warranty. Warranty replacement is only valid for same model or same model value replacement in the case of discontinued or out-of-stock product.

Unfortunately, due to the highly intimate nature of our products, we are unable to accept returns once the packaging seal has been broken. We hope you understand that that’s in everybody’s best interest, and our goal is only to keep you, our customers, and our colleagues safe.

In the event of a warranty claim, WOW, in its own discretion may either exchange the product concerned for a new product or reimburse the customer for the purchase price. If WOW chooses to replace the product, the old product will be replaced by a new product of the same type, quality and type. If the product type in question is no longer manufactured at the time the fault is reported, WOW is entitled to supply a comparable product.

WOW does not offer a satisfaction guarantee. WOW does not accept returns, as items cannot be resold due to health considerations. In case of a potentially defective device, first contact the retail location where the product was purchased to inquire about their return policy. Retailer exchange/return policies vary by location. If the store refuses to replace the product directly, please send a claim to WOW using the link below. You must include a picture of your receipt, first and last name, and mailing address, as well as the model of toy and description of your issue.

No registration is needed to activate a WOW product warranty, simply keep your receipt or other proof of purchase to show when and where your toy was purchased. This information is required when requesting a warranty replacement. Without proof (invoice, sales slip, bank account reference etc.) you cannot replace your toy.

WARNING: The use of oils and creams with WOW toys may result in irreparable damage. In particular, contact with suntan lotion or sunscreen, lip care products, essential oils, coconut oil, and edible oils of any type can cause damage. Please DO NOT use any of the products listed above in combination with a WOW toy, or you will run the risk of voiding your warranty.