To our Womanizer community,

We at Womanizer unequivocally stand in solidarity with the Black community, and the fight against systemic racism.

In the wake of the injustice faced by Black Americans, we know that a statement alone is not enough. It is imperative that companies take a long hard look at how they have been complicit in the systemic racism that harms Black communities and take action to rectify that — Womanizer is no different. And we are committed to doing the hard work of contributing to the movement.

This starts from within. Womanizer values diversity and the breadth of experiences, perspectives, and talent it brings. We strive for an inclusive organization that is welcoming and supportive of all employees. And we understand that to truly achieve this, we must look at all facets of our business through an anti-racist lens, and educate ourselves on how we can do better. We recognize that this is going to be a long process and while change won’t happen overnight, here are some of the steps we are taking to advance the conversation:


  • We will elevate the Black voices in our industry by more actively engaging with Black communities, promoting the work of Black professionals, artists, and content creators, as well as supporting aspiring Black sex educators and therapists.


  • Educating ourselves on the issues of systemic racism, how they manifest in our business, and what we can do to change them.


  • We commit to making anti-racism and equity core components of our company’s objectives to diversify the voices of our workforce, including the freelancers, artists, and contributors we work with regularly across all our brands.


We are endlessly inspired by our community, and we owe it to you to be better. Thank you to those that are speaking out and demanding change. We are listening and we hear you. The steps we’ve listed above are just a start, but know that we are getting to work.