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  1. Womanizer™ Liberty
    Womanizer™ Liberty Ladies, get ready for takeoff!
  2. Womanizer™ Premium
    Womanizer™ Premium With Smart Silence and Autopilot, our best toy yet.
  3. Womanizer™ Classic
    Womanizer™ Classic Just released and already a classic.
  4. Womanizer™ Pro
    Womanizer™ Pro 12 intensity levels provide a wide range of pleasure.
    $149.00 $189.00
  5. Womanizer™ InsideOut
    Womanizer™ InsideOut Double the pleasure: This one has an additional vibrator for your G-Spot.
  6. Womanizer™ 2Go
    Womanizer™ 2Go Ready for the road: our smaller Womanizer in a discrete lipstick design.
  7. Womanizer™ Pro 40
    Womanizer™ Pro 40 Simple, beautiful design for perfect handling.
  8. Womanizer™ Plussize
    Womanizer™ Plussize A longer handle for even better control and comfort.
  9. Womanizer™ Starlet
    Womanizer™ Starlet Our smallest Womanizer, fits perfectly in your hand as well as your purse.