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Womanizer designs the best vibrators for intense, memorable pleasure – butterflies in your stomach, a racing pulse, or even just feeling breathless. We believe you deserve an orgasm, even if you’ve never experienced one before. Let Womanizer’s Pleasure Air suction vibrators change the way you climax with clitoral massages and kisses. Dive into the world of Womanizer adult toys now!

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  • Be Guided By Pleasure

    Be Guided By Pleasure

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The Womanizer feeling

It's what our fans love about WOMANIZER.

Pleasure Air Technology

This tech is a true sensation!
The revolutionary Pleasure Air™ Technology features the perfect balance between pulsating and massaging changes in air pressure without touching the clitoris. This means that the approximately 8,000 nerve endings of the sensitive clitoris are never over-stimulated. Enjoy a new kind of extraordinary orgasm – even if you’ve never experienced an orgasm before.
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What is a "clit sucker" vibrator?

You may have heard of the “clit sucker” vibrator – the toy that changed the industry when Womanizer launched our unique clit stimulator in 2013. This clitoral stimulator toy uses a specially designed silicone stimulation head that slips over the clitoris, creating an intensely pleasurable air-suction sensation that mimics oral sex – unlike any other clit vibrator. Welcome to the world of Womanizer. 
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​Orgasm issues? No longer with WOMANIZER!!! All I can do is recommend it.
Lena, 32, Berlin
I can’t simply call it a vibrator, it’s so much better than that!
Emma, 37, London
I’ve never experienced an orgasm like that before.
Charlotte, 25, Paris
You can't compare it to a finger or a tongue - it’s really something completely distinctive and new.
Antonija, 30, Milan
Now I feel like I’m in the mood more often.
Jul, 34, New York



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Womanizer - The First Adult Sex Toy Shop with Pleasure Air Technology

At WOMANIZER, orgasms are our business. We believe that solo sex is a practice of self-love. That's why our adult toy shop offers sex toys and sex toy sets to enjoy masturbation more often and more pleasurably.

At Womanizer, we celebrate self-love and fight all prejudices regarding sexuality.

We believe everyone has the right to a sexually fulfilled life. All Womanizer products at our online sex store feature Pleasure Air Technology to gently massage the 8000 clitoral nerve endings without direct contact. With a wide selection of unique product designs, find the perfect Womanizer sex toy to fit your desire and mood.

Womanizer offers discreet & free shipping throughout the Continental USA on orders over $30.00.