• The ​Pleasure ​Fund
    The ​Pleasure ​Fund

    The ​Pleasure ​Fund

    Our pledge to help close the Gender Health Gap.

What is the Pleasure Fund?

The Pleasure Fund is a commitment from Womanizer to invest 250,000 € over the next five years in research on female sexual health, sexual well-being and sexual pleasure. This money will be allocated to women researchers and physicians around the world who are looking to conduct studies in these areas.

Why are we doing this?

Women have been historically neglected in medicine and research. As a result, female sexual pleasure, sexual health and sexual well-being have been even more neglected and are still considered taboo subjects. This lack of research leads to what we know as the “Gender Health Gap.” New treatments have been, and still largely are, tested on the male body, although women may react completely differently to certain treatments. This increases the chance of mistreatment and misdiagnoses, as women often show different symptoms for certain diseases than their male counterparts. ​ The Gender Health Gap also affects how often and how thoroughly certain topics are researched. For example, there is five times more research on erectile dysfunction, which affects 19% of men, than into PMS, which affects 90% of women.

At Womanizer, we are committed to the people who use our products, and we want to do our part to lessen this gap and help to expand the knowledge on female sexual pleasure, sexual health and sexual well-being over the coming years.

How does the Pleasure Fund work?

We are inviting women physicians and researchers from around the world to apply for funding to explore topics relating to female health, sexuality and wellness, providing that they meet the eligibility criteria described below. We specifically encourage people of color, non-binary, genderqueer and/or people with a disability to apply.

All applications will be reviewed by our Advisory Board, which is comprised of a diverse group of leading experts from around the world, who will then share their evaluation and recommendation with Womanizer. The chosen recipients will be contacted by Womanizer to initiate the project and discuss next steps.

Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Jessica ShepherdM.D., MBA OB/GYN
Women’s Health Expert and Founder of “Her Viewpoint”​, USA
Andrea Tantext
Certified Love & Relationship Coach​, Singapore
Joslyn Nerdahltext
Sex Educator & Intimacy Coach, Canada
Dr. Zelaika Hepworth ClarkePHd, MSW, MEd​
Anti-colonial Sexuality Educator, Decolonial Eroticologist, Clinical Sexologist​, USA
Dr. Andrea Burritext
EFS-ESSM certified psycho-sexologist, Founder & CEO of the Private Institute for Sex Counselling and Sexual Sciences (ISCSS), Switzerland

Applicaton Process

Please send the completed and signed application form (download below) with accompanying documents in PDF format to the Pleasure Fund Subcommittee at pleasurefund@womanizer.com.​

Applicants should note the terms and conditions and application form. In particular, the applicants should pay attention to the eligibility criteria for applicants, as well as eligible and ineligible costs in the terms and conditions while preparing their applications. Any application with missing signatures or documents and applications that do not meet the terms and conditions will not be reviewed.

Download Application Form

Terms and Conditions

Previous and current studies

Name: Libido and breast cancer

Time period: Starting Nov. 2021

Link to results

Name: Menstrubation Study

Time period: May 2020 – June 2021


Legal notice

1. The application for the Research Grant requires the submission of (i) the name, address, telephone number and email-address of the PI, and (ii) the names of the individuals that will conduct the Research Project, their affiliation, expertise (e.g. publications, role in other ongoing studies) as well as their respective role and responsibility. This information is needed to manage and evaluate the application by WTE and the AB (as defined below) and, in case of award, to provide the Research Grant and to monitor the Research Project with a view to these Terms and Conditions. The legal basis for this data processing is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b) and f) GDPR.

2. Further details as regards the data processing by WTE are set out in the Privacy Policy at wowtech.com/privacy-policy/.

Thank you!