• The Healing Power of Pleasure
    The Healing Power of Pleasure

    The Healing Power of Pleasure

    We’re working to spread awareness of sexuality and self-pleasure as a vital part of the healing journey.

Womanizer x Ericka Hart

When we met kick-ass breast cancer survivor Ericka Hart, we admired her outspoken commitment to sex positivity and sexuality - and a beautiful collaboration was born... Womanizer’s partnership with Hart centers on promoting pleasure as a viable resource for reclaiming pleasure and identity during and after breast cancer.

Making a Difference: The Womanizer Pleasure Fund

At Womanizer, we believe in two things: promoting sexual wellness – and putting our money where our mouth is. The Pleasure Fund was created to support research into female sexual health and pleasure; a field that is all-too-often neglected.

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October 2023, we're excited to back a study very close to our hearts: sexual wellness in breast cancer survivors.

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(Sex) life after breast cancer

While the survival rate for breast cancer is high, many women are left living with the physical and psychological impact for a long time.
Bodily trauma and antihormonal drugs can limit libido and cause unwanted side effects that negatively impact sexual health. Inspired by Ericka Hart and all the badass survivors out there, Womanizer is thrilled to collaborate with a research group at Berlin's Charité University of Medicine for a much-needed study into the sexual issues and wellbeing of breast cancer survivors.


Cancer and its treatments can have a significant impact on a woman's sexual health and wellbeing.


Reduced sexual self-esteem

Vaginal Dryness

Pain during intercourse

Decreased Libido
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Cancer, We're Coming For You: Pleasure Advocacy For Survivors

The ongoing study at Berlin's Charité University of Medicine is investigating the response to sexual stimulation using Womanizer toys in breast cancer survivors on antihormonal treatment compared to control subjects. 

This study contributes to the scientific evidence for the efficacy of the use of sex toys in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. The findings could pave the way for interventions and treatment options that address the unique needs of breast cancer survivors and are easily accessible. 

The aim is to greater understand the psychological and physiological factors that impact sexual response in breast cancer survivors.

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''Partnering with Womanizer means spreading the message about the power of pleasure as an effective physical and emotional aid during and after breast cancer.''

– Ericka Hart