Lily Allen loves Womanizer

Together we liberate sexuality.
Feel empowered with Lily's own Womanizer special edition!

Do you?

“Womanizer changed my life”

Singer, Mother & Chief Liberation Officer

Womanizer and Lily Allen are joining forces.
Together, we can wipe out social stigma about sexuality and celebrate pleasure.

Empower yourself. Free yourself. Feel yourself.

“I think the only way to make taboo subjects no longer taboo is to speak about them openly and frequently and without shame or guilt”

“It changed my orgasmic experience all together. If I want a guaranteed orgasm I will definitely reach for my toys”

Will it change yours?

How it all began?

The conversation started after Lily recommended Womanizer in her autobiography My Thoughts Exactly. Both share an enthusiasm for high-quality premium sex toys, but also a mission:

“I hope that this collaboration will lead to people feel that they can talk more freely about masturbation and if somebody like me can talk openly about it without shame then they might feel inclined to try it out for themselves - a whole new world awaits.” 

Lily Allen, Chief Liberation Officer at Womanizer

The #IMASTURBATE campaign wants to create an open dialogue around pleasure and sexual fulfilment and empower everyone to masturbate.

Let's challenge
the status quo!

A current survey by Womanizer with 7,000 participants from 14 countries shows the Masturbation Gap between the genders is at 68%.

Masturbation is an important part of sexual self-determination. Unfortunately, shame, social stigma and lack of education prevent many women from exploring their own sexuality.

The Masturbation Gap between
Almost a third of surveyed women do not masturbate at all
Womanizer survey, July 2020, 7,000 participants, 14 countries
94% of surveyed were not informed about female or male masturbation in sex education class
Womanizer survey, July 2020, 7,000 participants, 14 countries
Men masturbate an average of five times a week; women on average 3 times per week.
Womanizer survey, July 2020, 7,000 participants, 14 countries

“Embrace what makes you feel good and own your pleasure”


Liberty by Lily Allen

Empower and love yourself

How can you be part of the movement?

Share a photo of your new LIBERTY using #IMASTURBATE and #LILYALLENxWOMANIZER and get featured on Womanizer’s social media channels.