Womanizer Scented Candle ​

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  • Weight 438 g (Candle & Giftbox)​
  • Materials 95% Natural Soy Wax, ​ 5% Essential oil (White Tea)
  • Dimensions 7,0 x 8,4 x 6,5 cm ​
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Packaged in plain boxes with a discreet label, orders are shipped from WOW Tech Group.
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Self-growth is tender

That’s why we want to gift our customers with a scented candle as a little reminder to prioritize self-care. A candle is so simple, yet it always seems to be something everyone can look forward to. The psychological benefits of burning candles can promote feelings of joy, ease, focus, energy and so much more.

CREATES AMBIANCE Candles improve the atmosphere changing the way we feel in space. Lighting a candle for meditation, a bath, a date or any other intention is a beloved practice for setting an ambiance anywhere. 

IMPROVES MOOD The calming properties of scented candles can help your mind relax and unwind. This will make you feel more relaxed alleviating the symptoms if stress. 

CREATES CONSISTENCY Burning candles can become a personal ritual to commit to reflection and relaxation.  Psychologists say candles have a positive effect on mental health especially if paired with other wellness activities like meditation and  yoga practice candlelight. 
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