Enjoy contact-free clitoral massage with Pleasure Air Technology.
Subtle Power for Intimate Moments
Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology gives you an orgasmic sensation unlike anything you’ve ever felt. Featuring 4 intensity levels, you can adjust STARLET 2’s shifting waves of air pressure and suction for a customized, contactless massage. Longer, more intense orgasms await!
Let the Starlet 2 enchant you. This external clitoral stimulation device provides a touch-free massage that allows you to ascend to a new level of pleasure. Equipped with a quiet, yet powerful motor, the device ensures discreet yet intense moments. Four intensity levels give you the freedom to adjust the stimulation exactly to your desires.
Color:Cherry Red
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  • Pleasure Air Technology
    Pleasure Air Technology

    Made for you and your body: All Womanizer products feature a unique innovation called Pleasure Air Technology. Why is it so special? Your clitoris is stimulated without direct contact. Gentle air vibrations suck and massage together at the same time to provide an unprecedented orgasmic feeling.

  • Waterproof IPX7
    Waterproof IPX7

    You want to dive deeper? Since your Womanizer is IPX7 waterproof, nothing stands in the way of a long, relaxing bath, a refreshing shower or even a pool party.

  • 4 Intensity levels
    4 Intensity levels

    Whether you prefer soft and gentle or powerful and intense, or something in between – your next orgasm is just the push of a button away. The intensity levels are perfectly balanced and offer the right setting for your every mood.

  • Body fit
    Body fit

    The sensual, slim design fits comfortably in your hand and becomes the perfect companion for even the most intimate moments.

  • Recharges quickly
    Recharges quickly

    Magnetic attraction – magnetic pins make recharging quick and convenient. ​

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  • Pleasure Air Technology
    Pleasure Air Technology

    Designed for your unique pleasure: Womanizer's signature Pleasure Air Technology offers an extraordinary experience. Why? It titillates your clitoris without any direct contact, combining gentle air vibrations that simultaneously massage and suckle, offering an unparalleled orgasmic sensation.

  • 4 Intensity levels
    4 Intensity levels

    Fancy a gentle tease or a strong buzz? Or maybe you're in the mood for something different? With four perfectly calibrated intensity settings, your ultimate pleasure is always just a button click away. Adjust to your heart's desire and reach new orgasmic heights.

  • Waterproof IPX7
    Waterproof IPX7

    Fancy a plunge? Your Womanizer, with its IPX7 waterproof rating, ensures no boundaries. Be it a rejuvenating shower, a tranquil bath, or even a poolside bash, it's your perfect companion.

  • Body fit
    Body fit

    Experience the ultimate comfort and convenience with our sleek, ergonomic design that fits snugly in your hand, making it the ideal partner for your most private moments.

  • Recharging quick
    Recharging quick

    Experience swift power replenishment owing to the innovative magnetic pins. Effortlessly simple, distinctly efficient - for uninterrupted pleasure.

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STARLET 2                    In The Box

Box includes:​

WOMANIZER™ STARLET with stimulator head attachment​

USB charging cable (without power supply)

Instruction manual

  • Head Material Hypoallergenic body-grade silicone
  • Materials ABS body
  • Weight 70 g
  • Dimensions 117mm x 46mm x 47mm
  • Warranty 5-year warranty
User Manual

Illustrated, multi-language instruction manual can be downloaded here.

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